In concrete cracks and cavities may occur. The ingress of moisture leads to decay, formation of lime, or even splitting of the concrete. With the help of injections the damaged spots can be sealed watertight. Basic principle: the injection process is dependent on the building construction, its use, and on the choice of injection material.

Direct injections in cracks and construction joints of concrete constructions.

The pressing is carried out by a drill hole and adhesive packer with controlled pressure. The cracks will be grouted; the cavities will be glued or filled.

Injections in construction joints and desired crack joints

of concrete construction which include planned and built-in injection profiles. The pressing is carried out directly into the profiles, with controlled pressure.

All uses generally request preparation works such as draining, drying, pre-sealing, insulating etc.

Simple disassembly and cleaning

The Press Pump 3.0 consists of few parts and is easy to disassemble and clean. Watch this video and see how it's done.

You can download the operating and maintenance manual here.